Für Alexandra (2015)
This Electroacoustic work explores the concept of memories through the use of “real sonic spaces” and “unreal sonic spaces” created with unprocessed field recordings and processed sounds. The work is dedicated to french horn player Alexandra Juneau.

Everything is fine as long as she has her glass of whisky (2015)
This work in progress for voice and tape and second collaboration with soprano Audrey Côté, explores different and unusual vocal technics combined with a fixed media part created with both processed and unprocessed vocal sounds.

Chant de Céans (2014)
Mixed composition for soprano and acousmatic tape, Chant de Céans walks us through the experience of “death”. The piece uses translated poems of Aztec poet Nezahualcoyotl.
Chant de Céans was written for soprano Audrey Côté

Qualia (2013)
Winner of the 4th place at the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s JTTP composition contest, Qualia explores the personal relationship we have with sounds and explores the idea of every person reacting differently to the same sonic event.

Track_1 (2016)

Metalurjia plastica

Work that explores sonic differences between metal and plastic

Noche Triste (2011)

Work inspired by the event of the “Noche Triste” during the colonisation of Mexico

Clarinet Etudes (2011)

Two small clarinet etudes exploring the different timbral and ranges aspects of the woodwind instrument

Partials (2010)

Minimalist work containing partials of the different sound sources.

Emovere (2010)

Work inspired by the different types of human emotions and how we react them.

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